Motorboats with the villas

A guest once told us that the great thing about renting a boat from Osprey Villas was that we also included a fantastic waterfront house and swimming pool. Whilst obviously said in jest, it makes the serious point that the motorboat adds a dimension to experiencing south west Florida’s coastline and waterways that cannot be understated. Just taking a short trip out along the canals and river often results in wonderfully memorable sightings of dolphins, manatees and an impressive range of sea life commonly seen here like the large tarpon that roll on the water’s surface or the mullet jumping up to two feet in the air. Many visitors come here for the fishing; a great range and many very tasty eating species like snapper, sea trout, spanish mackerel, hard fighting redfish and snook. The chance of reeling one of those tarpon in is what this area is famous for. Ospreys nesting on top of channel markers guard their chicks while watching the water for food. Pelicans patrol in formation up and down the shoreline, Herons and Egrets can be found wandering beaches, docks and back gardens while large Buzzards and huge Frigate birds circle high up on the sea breezes. Occasionally a manatee and her calf will appear unexpectedly providing a really fascinating close up view of these rare, ancient sea cows. It is not unheard of to observe families of sea otters raiding the live wells of fishermen’s moored boats for their catch! Anchoring off one of the many miles of beaches and wading ashore is the best way of getting to that deserted stretch away from the busier areas to relax and look for some of the shells that the beaches are famous for. You could also include a visit to a beachfront hotel for some lunch and a cocktail at their beachside bar! The islands and inlets also offer an extensive selection of waterfront restaurants and bars with somewhere to moor the boat and the chance to enjoy some fresh locally caught seafood and sometimes to the accompaniment of live music. Osprey Villas’ motorboats:
  • Modern well maintained motorboats with comfortable seating, retractable awning for shade from the sun and full coastguard safety kit of lifejackets etc
  • Boat instruction with a qualified licensed captain covering everything from operation, safety, navigation, docking, fueling, correct anchoring and so on
  • Charts, maps and plenty of notes and information including best restaurant tips, beach guides and suggested trips
  • Fishing information and rods and basic tackle included
  • Experienced help close at hand during your stay to assist with any ongoing questions
  • Please note that some guests would like the option of boat rental for just part of their stay or not at all. For these guests we are pleased to offer our beautiful villas Lazy Tree and Tropical Breeze, where boat hire can be added as an optional extra if required.
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